Electric Collective was born during the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown in the United States. At that time, I was a top fitness instructor at Corepower Yoga and Equinox in Washington, DC, as well as a full time lawyer/lobbyist at a firm in Georgetown. I started teaching virtual classes on Zoom. Before I knew it, they were extremely popular. I decided to quit the firm and dedicate all my time to Electric Collective and changing people's lives.
You only have a tiny slice of your day to spend on yourself. The Electric Collective program will teach you to love yourself and feel powerful. You'll be so addicted to the way working out makes you feel, the physical results will become secondary. Cool part is, you will realize that you are so much more than what you look like (and damn you look good!)
See you on the mat,
Lilly Scott
Image of Electric Collective Fitness Founder and Fitness Instructor Lily Scott posing with the #ELECTROLIGHTS. A modern fitness community.

We are a community of driven people harnessing our best power each and every day. We are fearlessly authentic. We create impact that hits every aspect of our lives through joyful, empowering movement. We deserve more than just a workout. We deserve a transformative experience that makes us stronger physically, mentally, emotionally, professionally, and spiritually.

We know we are more than our appearance. Even in moments of weakness, we reject insecurity. We reject the notion that we need to lose a few… just to be worthy. We say it’s OK to be confident in your own skin. We take breaks. It’s OK. We know only growth awaits us. We honor our bodies for where they’re at. We see your power and your light. We know it’s the courage to continue that counts. This is why we show up.

We are not here for a quick fix. We deserve more than just a workout. We are dedicated to changing our lifestyle. We’re in it for the long haul.

Doesn’t it feel so great to show up for yourself?