What is a good first class to try?

If you are looking for a class that has less cardio to ease back into fitness, Abs and Arms or Abs and Legs is a good start. These classes are lower impact and you can opt to use weights or bands, or skip them to honor your body. There are also 30 minute classes, which I call "Fast Fire" classes, that are less time. Best Butt, NamaSCULPT, and Best Body are the most complex and highest intensity in terms of cardio bursts.

What do I need for class?

You at a minimum need a mat or towel to lay on. Shoes or no shoes is your choice. For most classes, we use weights. If you do not have weights at home, people start off using wine bottles or cans until they can order weights. I also cue for booty bands (the ones I use can be purchased here) especially for the booty, legs, and abs focused classes.

What makes these classes different from other virtual fitness choices?

This virtual fitness class is not just a transactional workout, this is a physical and mental experience. We have mastered the art of creating community and connection between the students and the instructor, as well as between the other students. Expect to work harder than you've ever worked before, but NOT on the fuel of competing against other people, or improving the way you look. These classes are designed to give you an emotional, empowering reason to work hard and you will be reminded of your power the entire time. They are hard, but they are so much fun that you almost forget that you are dripping sweat. We also have different playlists and workout sequences every week for every class, so you'll never get bored. It is an entirely new, electric, feeling. There's simply nothing else like it.