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I always felt so much better after class because it gave something for me to look forward to in these rough times. Lilly always spread positivity and light that we all need right now! Even once after class she and I just hung out and talked!

Vivien F.

Lilly is so positive! Her classes help me through even the toughest days. I think her classes provide a great mental escape that also provides amazing physical exercise. I always leave her classes feeling amazing and ready to take on the day.

Malia T.

Lilly's classes have been absolutely LIFE CHANGING!! Not only has she helped me achieve my fitness goals, she's been a shining light during such a dark time. Her positivity has been such an inspiration and kept me grounded!!

Anna F.

Lilly's classes are great - I highly recommend them! Lilly makes an effort to get to know each of the people in her classes to build community and is so excited to see everyone. And I've definitely gotten stronger!

Alana B.

Lilly's classes have placed emphasis on both the health of my mind and my body, and have truly made me feel stronger in all aspects of my life. They are sooo fun and never fail to place me in a positive mindset!

Olivia F.

Lilly’s class keeps me motivated to work out in the group fitness setting that always drew me to the gym in pre-COVID times, and she inspires me to keep working. Although some of her moves seem simple, they are such a challenge, and it’s super rewarding as I start to feel myself getting stronger after working hard in her classes.

Sarah M.

Lilly is the most real instructor I've ever had. She makes you feel confident, strong, and cared for! Classes are always different and fun and challenging! The best virtual fitness I've found!

Cami S.

Lilly's classes gave me the chance to get moving, get in shape, and genuinely feel healthy during the pandemic. When we couldn't go outside of the house, Lilly was there for us, making sure every individual felt glittery and special and able to keep going!

Anna R.